WellCardRx Pharmacy Savings

Pharmacy Savings

You and your family will have access to quality pharmacy care and top prescriptions at up to 50% in savings with your WellCardRx card at pharmacies nationwide. We call it WellCardRx. You’ll call it empowering.

Your WellCardRx prescription and healthcare discount card provides you with top pharmacy advantages:

  • Instant savings of up to 50% on prescription drugs
  • The best prices at 59,000 pharmacies nationwide
  • Our exclusive mail order service to save you time and money
  • Privacy you can trust, with HIPAA-compliant services every step of the way

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Click here to Use our Discount Pricing Tool to see discount price estimates for prescription drugs in your area. Discounted prices are estimates. Savings will be calculated at time of drug purchase.


Find answers to your most frequently asked questions about pharmacy savings through your WellCardRx Prescription and Health Care Discount Card.

Q: What is WellCardRx?
A: WellCardRx is a health and wellness program offered by WellDyne. With your WellCardRx prescription and health care discount card, you’ll gain access to a wide variety of health and wellness products and services.

Q: How do I get a WellCardRx Card?
A: Fill out the registration form on our Get A Card page to get your WellCardRx prescription and health care discount card today. 

Q: Is this insurance or an insurance-type program?
A: No. This is not insurance. WellCardRx is a free prescription discount card that gives you and your family access to pre-negotiated prescription drug prices at savings of up to 50%.

Q: Does this work with my insurance or Medicare?
A: Yes. Even if you have insurance or Medicare, WellCardRx can be used to buy prescriptions at discounted rates.

Q: Is there any type of fee for this program?
A: No. Once you enroll, WellCardRx provides you with a free prescription and health care discount card. What’s more, there is never a charge to use your card.

Q: Do I need to present my card each time I buy a prescription?
A: Yes. Present your card each time you buy a prescription not covered by your insurance or Medicare Part D.

Q: Can I go to any pharmacy?
A: No, you need to go to one of 59,000 participating pharmacies nationwide. Click the 'Locate a Provider' section above to find participating pharmacies in your area.

Q: How soon can I use my card to start saving money?
A: After enrollment, your card is available for immediate use.

Q: Are all members of my household covered by the card?
A: Yes. Your card is valid for all family members living at the same address.

Q: Is my information kept private?
A: Yes. WellDyneRx and the prescription and health care discount card are HIPAA compliant.

Q: Do I need to fill out paperwork and reimbursement forms?
A: No. Simply pay for your discounted prescription with your WellCardRx card to receive the discounted rates at the time of purchase.

Contact Information

WellCardRx is an affiliate of WellDyne, a dynamic Health and Wellness Solutions provider, leading the industry since 1990.

For questions and assistance, contact WellCardRx at:

Phone: 888-479-2000 (Select Option 5 in the prompt)


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